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De-clutter your home with Shoe racks and Cabinets from Woodysfurniture

A shoe cupboard is a must in every home especially if you have a lot of shoes. Similar to your wardrobe, a shoe cupboard lets you organise and store shoes conveniently so that you can access them easily. Shoe racks and cabinets have become an important part of every home and this is the reason why manufacturers like Woodysfurniture are offering them in a variety of designs, colours and sizes. At Woodysfurniture you can get shoe cupboards made from the best quality materials. These shoe cupboards provide and extensive storage option without dulling the decor of your home. When choosing a shoe cupboard there are a few things you should consider.....

The available space and

It is very important to note the amount of space available for accommodating a new shoe cupboard. There should be sufficient space to not just store them but it should also be convenient to open the shoe cupboard door. Even if you have very less space, don’t worry because at Woodysfurniture you can choose from the sleek designs of shoe cupboards. The sleek collection of shoe racks and cabinets at Woodysfurniture are best suited for small spaces including narrow hallways and can house the same number of shoes as our standard cabinet

The number of shoes you need to store

To decide on the number of shoes you need to at first de-clutter and reorganize your shoe collection. After this you will have your number of shoes to store. Then you can go through Woody furniture’s extensive shoe cupboards to get the right storage for your shoes. Medium sized cabinets are available with single and double doors. These shoe cupboards can accommodate large number of shoes, and can be used as a side unit.

Height of your Shoes

Different heights of shoes may need different types of shoe cupboards. Shoes and flats can be stored in small gaps but taller footwear like boots and high heels require more space. You can solve the issue by purchasing a shoe cupboard with adjustable shelves. The standard shoe cupboard is the most popular and most sold design. This is a very simple and basic design of shoe cupboard. At Woodysfurniture you can get the standard shoe cupboards in various different forms. You can choose from High and narrow standard racks that can house shoes of various heights.

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