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Serve in convenience with Service trolley from Woodysfurniture

Service trolleys are very common in hotels, restaurants and cafeterias but who would need a service trolley at home? Service trolleys are becoming very popular in households because by using a service trolley it is very convenient for transporting food and cutlery to and from the dining room especially if your home entertains guests frequently. A service trolley from Woodysfurniture is made of the finest quality metals and glass, has the optimum weight capacity, is easy to steer and move and can be stored conveniently. Here are a few tips that you need to remember while buying a service trolley


If the food serving trolley is required only for special occasions then a foldable service trolley is recommended. These trolleys have all the features as the regular food trolleys but also include folding frames. After the event you can easily fold them and store them in a convenient space. If you want a serving trolley to cater to a bigger crowd then you will require a rolling or wheeled food serving trolley to effortlessly carry items and move about. These types of service trolleys have more shelves to store all the essentials.


Service trolleys are available in plastic and metal. Plastic food serving trolleys are light weight and does not dent. Metal food serving trolleys are more durable and long-lasting. Kitchen serving trolleys from Woodysfurniture are made from rust resistance metals and is made from the lowest steel gauge which makes it very durable. These service trolleys are available in various designs and shapes that can cater to different types of usage.


Food serving trolleys are available in various sizes. The smallest sizes can house only a couple of bottles or glasses whereas the bigger ones can be even used as a small dining table to dine in any part of your home or it can also be used as a bar to entertain a small company. An important determinant of the serving trolley size is the size of the room in which the trolley will be stored or used. Since serving trolleys have more than one act Woodysfurniture offers a variety of styles to choose from. All you need to do is pick out the perfect design that smoothly sets into the decor of your home and serves your purpose.

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