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Buy BENCHES or ADD-ON SEAT from Woodys Furniture

If you are frantically looking for cozy ADD-ON seating arrangement in your Living room, Kitchen, Dining, Home theatre or any space of your interiors, BENCHES is one such utility furniture.

Just don’t panic and visit Woodys Furniture website-store. Buy at affordable prices from scores of amazing designs of conventional & artistically crafted BENCHES with its melamine polish for exposed surfaces, giving a lasting impression of antique ambience.

Also available are colorful designs of comfortable & fashionable BENCHES with seamlessly cushioned tops upholstered in Rich shades of durable Jute or Molphyno fabric, sprinkling a touch of glamour & aesthetics.

You can find lot of choices in terms of styles, features and color for the BENCHES at our website

Visit our website and shop today for sturdy BENCHES in artistic designs with colorful choices which serve as an ADD-ON Seat in any space.


Choosing right BENCHES for different rooms

Choosing the appropriate BENCH & placing them in the right room matters a lot , because these fashionable & useful benches strikingly improves the ambience of any room or space, if chosen correctly.

Woodys Furniture website helps you in searching easily for such stylish BENCHES for different rooms which can be viewed when you choose the option BENCHES from BEDROOM section of the CHAIR menu of the homepage.

You can see the different options of artistic melamine polished wooden top BENCHES under the KARLIN, MADERA and SINCO collections.

Moreover colorful comfortable cushioned top BENCHES can be easily located under HANNIN, JESSA and MYKLIN collections.

Woodys Furniture provides you with choice of cool shades in Jute & Molphyno fabric, at affordable prices.



BENCHES are always useful for ADD-ON seats not only for your living room and bedroom but also for your Modular Kitchen ,Home theatre etc due to  its inherent multipurpose design.

Sleek Benches in melamine polished tops or cushioned tops looks beautiful as ADD-ON seats in your planned Kitchen, converting its monotony to happy dining.

Also Cushion BENCHES with armrests are a must-buy for every home with Home theatre facility, coming very handy as ADD-ON seats, whenever you have unexpected guests.

 Multipurpose BENCHES are a great utility & ambience alleviating concept for ADD-ON seating in your home, making it a desirable possession at amazing prices.

 Look for appropriate space for buying such BENCHES in your home and decide today, while we at Woodys Furniture shall get it delivered right at your doorstep, in less period of time you can imagine.

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