Sofa Cum Bed With Storage

Buy Elegant Sofa cum Beds with Storage from Woodys Furniture

If you can find something that can be used for more than one purpose then it can be a good investment. Furniture too can have more than one use and can be rightfully termed versatile. Sofa cum beds can be such furniture which can be used for more than one purpose especially ones that come with storage. At WoodysFurniture you can buy stylish sofa cum bed with storage at the most amazing price and enhance the look of the house.

Sofa cum Beds with Storage at Low price

We make sure budget does not stop you from buying your favorite furniture. So we offer sofa cum bed with storage at reasonable price online.

It is very simple to look for the collections of sofa beds at our website. You can visit our website and select the BEDS category under the BED ROOM menu of the homepage. The dropdown list has all the names where you can select sofa cum beds. Sofa beds with storage are available in different design. You can choose the model and then select the color as per your taste and requirement. Product like ZAYLEY, SHEY and others can be viewed under this section, available in 7 shades and finishes.

Wooden Sofa cum Bed with Storage

Sofa cum bed with storage from our website are highly versatile furniture that can allow 3 to 4 person to sit, open up into double bed when required and allow your blankets, pillows etc to be tucked under it.  Not only these beds are stunning to look but also are very easy to use as they have hydraulics to open and lift the storage chaise part. The wooden sofa beds at our website are built out of teak and ply wood and look very classy. Our collection of CUMBERLAND and DELBURNE etc. can be considered to create a sophisticated and modern look in the house.

Features of Sofa cum Bed with Storage

The sofa beds at our website are high quality products and we offer quality assurance to prove it. Solid wooden frame makes the product durable and strong. The foam on the sofa makes the sitting experience great. The hydraulic mechanism allows the user to lift the storage part easily. The products come in some great finish and available in beautiful colors to choose from. We offer exciting discounts on all the furniture so that everyone can afford them.

Selection of the furniture is one thing that you have to do and rest is on us. We shall ensure the product is delivered to you on time at your home.

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